To Our OEM Partners

One of the many advantages of partnering with Elite Technical Service (ETS) is we provide a variable or scalable cost structure to your customer service needs verses you setting up, hiring and managing a service team internally. We can provide all your service needs or assist you during peak demand periods.

We hit the street running with National coverage from day one and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, both technical and service operations, allowing OEM partners to launch new products and to enter the US marketplace with minimal investment. We can add or decrease resources as the demand changes.

We also allow OEM’s to reduce the burden of supporting legacy or end-of-life models. Let ETS service this equipment so you can dedicate your resources to your latest models.

Value Proposition – Why OEM’s use ETS


  • OEM designs, manufactures, and sells the products
  • ETS installs, trains, and services the products

Legacy Support

  • OEM resources dedicated to latest products
  • ETS supports legacy and end-of-life products

Peak Demands

  • ETS used when OEM staff is over capacity


  • ETS has national coverage – East, Central, & West

Principal Business – Servicing precision capital equipment

  • Laser-based Digital Photographic Imaging, Processing and Scanning
  • Graphic Arts and Printing
  • Grand-format, Large-format, and Narrow-format UV Inkjet Printing
  • Inkjet 3-D Printing
  • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Satellite Imaging
  • CNC Cutters